Come, The Unexpected 2021

Come, The Unexpected 2021

Hello 2021. Another year has arrived, another age older. The remnants of 2020 still remains at large, yea, we all know…the pandemic ain’t stopping anytime. Things have changed radically, my life has been ups and downs like the rate of infection throughout the year. But like many others, I survived 2020 and I’m getting a hang of it.

2021 is going to be an odd year. It is filled with thrilling uncertainties and unexpectations, that even legit rocket scientist cannot explain. As for me, there will not be any resolution this year, but a revolution. A revolution of no resolution. It is time to live in the moment instead of harping at unrealistic goals that may not seem achievable or should I say things don’t always work out the way we wanted it to be. As pessimistic as it sounds, I do have hope. A large hope that everything will be fine and joyous in 2021.


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2020 has given our healthcare a run for their money. Covid-19 is a familiar name to anyone, the biggest threat and annoyance of 2020, it made us more health & hygiene conscious than ever. We focus on eating and exercising well to boost immune system, wash our hands often and keeping clear off germ-risk places to keep ourselves healthy and sanitised. Come 2021, all I hope for is a good health for you and I, for family & friends, and for the world. Truly, health is wealth. No debate.


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2020 is turbulent. Many lost their jobs and receiving pay cuts from their employers, businesses shut down and many more. We are all worry of our survival throughout the year. Fortunately, things are becoming more stable for me albeit the ups and downs of the yesteryear. Plus, I hope that my financial source will be as stable as ever, as we’ve got family to feed and our tummy to fill. It is an essential necessity that we cannot afford to lose. 2021, please be kind to our pockets.


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The pandemic lockdown has brought upon us the joy of being able to do the things we love (serious hobbies and passion) throughout the days. The perks of working from home is that we’ve got more time on our hands pursue our passion. It hit us that we want to live our life fruitfully by doing what we truly love to do. Come 2021, I am going to be one of the top marathoner in the nation and also to be a music content creator (fingers crossed). Those have always been my natural skills.


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We have been quite trapped indoors throughout 2020, and oh how I’ve missed travelling to places less visit via the road less taken. Now 2021, I hope I am able to embark on more adventures of a lifetime and to see the world before worse shit than Covid-19 comes along. Oh gosh, how I yearn to go to Japan, Taiwan, Iceland, Tibet and more! I can sense a new arc is coming for me!


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The widespread of the mysterious Covid-19 has sparked fear in the hearts of many, including myself. We are afraid for our lives as impending doom seems to be lurking everywhere. It happened in a sudden and we realised that we are not able to do anything but to remain trapped at home, dreaming of the places we wish to go, the job we had, the loved ones we wish to see, and more. It has made us grateful of the little things in life. Hence 2021, I will make the best of every moment with every ounce of energy I possessed.

Covid-19 has taught us many things the hard way; enlightening us of every little precious moment we took for granted, had us realised the importance of health over wealth and of the modest essentials that are vital to our livelihood. Most importantly, we are to cherish our loved ones more than ever. Last but not least, I wish all will go well for everyone in 2021. Cheers and happy blessed new year people!